Spooky Action Ranch


Spooky Action Ranch Report: Week Five 2015

week five head image

As the winter crops are coming into their own, the fresh meals on the ranch have been ever increasing. Beet greens, spinach, lettuce and carrots are regularly making it onto the plate.

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Spooky Action Ranch Report: Week Four 2015

The New Paths

While work has continued on the ranch, with new paths slowly spreading across the front gardens and lots of spinach salads, its actually been a very busy week filled with interesting intellectual adventures of the ranch.

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Spooky Action Ranch Report: Week Three 2015

Live Oak Stage Two

Winter Greens! The beds of lettuce and spinach have finally filled in well enough to warrant regular harvests.  We are now enjoying daily salads on the ranch.  As a native northerner, it has taken me a bit of transition to…

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