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Nurturing New Ideas | A Conversation with the Artistic Director

What makes a community? How can we turn back the clock to unlock the future? What scares you? Dawn Youngs takes a moment away from casting; venue and travel arrangements; and publicity to answer a few questions about bringing Last…

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Nurturing New Ideas | A Conversation with the Playwright

In March, Spooky Action Ranch will host its very first artist in residence as part of the Nurturing New Ideas Series.  The series has the goal of bringing artists and creators from all genres together to build support and provide…

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LAST CHANCE – Tales from a Broken Heartland

Inspired by the generous and creative energy of WordBridge Playwright’s Laboratory, the Nurturing New Ideas Series intends to open a space where artists and thinkers from all disciplines can come together to explore, challenge and create in a supportive and…

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