Partners Dawn Youngs and Kurt Hildebrand founded Spooky Action Ranch in Hill Country Texas with the goal of providing a sustainable off grid retreat for artists and creatives. The property currently consists of a three bedroom main house, two auxiliary…

Enchanted Rock 2015

Ranch Reports

The year is 2015.  At Spooky Action Ranch, we have entered a new era in our homesteading adventures: going full time.   Toward the end of 2014, in addition to her duties as Artistic Director of Spooky Action Ranch, Dawn Youngs…


Here is Co-founder and Artistic Director Dawn Youngs speaking at Voice & Exit about the effects of living a life closer to nature. Co-founders and partners Dawn Youngs and Kurt Hildebrand speak with Wenzl McGowen of Moon Hooch about setting out to…

Ranch Reports

Leaf Mulch

Spooky Action Ranch Report | Week Thirty-Six 2015

We turned all of the beds over for the winter garden, and added some important amendments to improve soil health.

Ole Deck

Spooky Action Ranch Report | Week Thirty-Five 2015

We refinished the porches on the main house, hoping to add years and beauty to the life of the structure.

Spooky Action Ranch Report | Week Thirty-Four 2015

Making vinegar at home with a wild Mustang Grape starter.

Carrot HArvest

Is Responsible Food Really More Expensive?

Is Responsible Food Really More Expensive? Yesterday, I did my weekly grocery shopping at our local farmer’s market.  I shared the results of my shopping trip with my online social community, and while the result was generally positive, there was…

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